Affordable Mt. Vernon and New Harmony Indiana DJ Services


Affordable Mt Vernon, Indiana and Posey County DJ Services

Mt Vernon and New Harmony, Indiana in Posey County can enjoy Affordable DJ Services again and still get Professional Quality! Say it with Music DJ Services is going to prove it! You and I have both seen DJ Web Pages that claim that DJ Services that don't require you to take out a loan for your next Event just are not Professional! That is not true! There are many DJ Services that are affordable who still provide Great Service! How can they do this? Keep reading. Experienced DJ Services have seen things come and go and know how to adapt to provide a quality service at reduced prices. If you don't want to read a ton of information, send me, Dan Gustafson, a Request a Rate Quote form by clicking the link below and I will be in touch to explain it to you. I can provide 6 hours of Music with Up Lighting for $399.00! It just makes sense not to load up your Credit Card for Music on a one time event! If you require more quality, I can provide that too with additional costs but still, much less then my competitors! Make sure you view the cost comparison Chart in this Web Page.

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Par 38 Up Lighting

Customers adore Up Lighting and they should. They really enhance an event. I decided to give you real proof of the different kinds of Up Lighting since it is talked about quite a bit when you call DJ Services. These Lighting Effects can be achieved easily and affordable. Say it Music utilizes two types. Regular 100 Watt Flood Light Up Lighting and the New LED Technology! Say it with Music has numerous Up Lighting Fixtures that can be equipped with the Color of your choice and still provide a very desirable effect. These are your standard Par 38 100 Watt Colored Light Bulbs that are available at your Local Home Furnishing Store! They are still a wise choice for Up Lighting. The Pictures to your right are examples of this type of Up Lighting and they are included when you book Say it with Music DJ Services at their 6 Hour Rate. More can be added with little notice. Under the first three pictures are examples of the LED Lighting in action. These are 128 RGB Up Lights and feature Red, Blue, and Green. They can be dimmed and mixed to achieve other colors as well. It is an amazing deal and an affordable way to get the lighting and the Music you deserve with Say it with Music DJ Services! There are several advantages to LED Up Lighting including the fact they project a narrower beam and the effects are more direct. These can also be set to sound activate and can be used in several applications.

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Compare the Popular Prices for Up Lighting Service

It is true! LED Up Lighting is great and there are many advantages but if your on a Budget, the Par 38 Up Lighting provides amazing results! Let's compare the cost of LED Up Lighting vs Par 38 Up Lighting! It will amaze you how much more the Say it with Music Competitors are! I have just taken an Average Price by visiting some of the Web Pages and what they have to offer. You will be amazed how much money you will save by utilizing Say it with Music DJ Services less expensive lighting! There are a few advantages to LED Up Lighting and I can explain those if you want to give me a call at (812)204-9672! You can still get Professional looking Up Lighting with the Say it with Music $399 Special!

Basic DJ Services with Par 38 Up Lighting Say it with Music Avg. Competitor Price Savings
DJ Service includes Dance Lighting $399 $650 $251
Venue Up Lighting Say it with Music Avg. Competitor Price Savings
DJ Service with LED Venue Up Lighting $499 $750 $351
Above Services with Ceremony Music Say it with Music Avg. Competitor Price Savings
Price for all 3 Services $599 $850.00 $351

Say it with Music is Affordable!

So there you have it! Compare the Prices. Say it with Music is more Affordable and Professional. It does not matter if you choose the $399 special or all of the other lighting enhancements! Say it with Music DJ Services is the most affordable DJ Service around! Your Special Day should not leave you in debt for years to come! Click to get an Affordable Quote